ESD Rubber Mat

ESD Rubber Mat in Delhi

Blue Sky System Pvt. Ltd. is a famous ESD Rubber Mat Manufacturers in Delhi. These anti static rubber mats are the best solution for ESD protected floors which can easily reduce the static build up on people and materials as well. They have an excellent anti acid, anti alkali, wear-resistant. easy to clean and maintain characteristics. 

ESD Rubber Mat in Delhi

We are reliable Anti Static Rubber Mat Suppliers and Exporters in India. These rubber mats are designed for an electronic assembly where the static charge is the prime concern. Our expertise lies in offering these mats in varied finish material such as rubber, vinyl, to meet client’s specific needs. 

Anti Static Rubber Mat in India 

We are a trusted ESD Flooring Mat Service Provider in Delhi. These anti static mats are important in several industries. They can be found in many workplaces like healthcare, computer repair shops, computer server rooms, assembly lines and anywhere where flammable materials are used like chemical industries and other manufacturing facilities. If you are concerned about Anti Static Industrial Floor Mat Price, we offer them at a leading market price.

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